Bluepulse called "Meebo for your phone"

People are calling Australia-based BluePulse the “meebo of cell phones” and they may be right – although it is also a platform that allows developers to build phone access to just about any internet application as well.

The engine behind Bluepulse is platform and tool set they have created called the OADP which claims to “allows developers to develop mobile applications without having to worry about supporting the hundreds of different devices available on the market, connectivity issues, distribution and billing.”

The test applications they’ve built on the platform are pretty compelling. The headliner is access to ICQ, MSN and Yahoo instant messaging applications. They also have an application to access tv and movie guides.

Oliver Starr at MobileCrunch has tested the software and says “Bluepulse will be one of the first category dominant players in mobile 2.0”. Also see the comments to that post, where a founder of Bluepulse explains their revenue model and other aspects of the business.