I finally got "You Send It" to work

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I never wrote about You Send It because I could never get it to work. Well, today I had my first positive You Send It experience, and so I’m writing a quick note.

If you haven’t heard about it, you can use it to “email” very large files. You upload the file to the site, tell it the email addresses to send the file to, and the recipients receive a link that allows him or her to download the file. The maximum file size is 1 GB.

You cannot send multiple files in one email, but you can send a zip folder. Only a free version of the service is offered, which allows a single file to be downloaded 25 times over seven days. Oddly, you are allowed to send a file to up to 50 people. I guess only 25 of them may download it.

This is a good, free service that would have made my “most loved” post last week if I had been able to use it before now. I’m glad they are working out the kinks in the service.

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    I read every word 3 times. Engage in the micocommunities. Learn where the ball is going by : paying attention, know what your customers are saying, know what their problems are. Then innovate but make sure you keep the fail whale out of it.
    That’s what I got out of it.

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