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37 Signals’ announced a couple of new features yesterday and today for their popular (100,000 users claimed on home page) and useful Basecamp project management product.

First, Basecamp now hosts files directly on their servers without the need to set up your own FTP server. Files as large as 20 mb can be uploaded.

Second, Basecamp has created a basic affiliate program. If an affiliate pushes new paying members to Basecamp, the user gets credits against their Basecamp fees.

  • http://www.vm.com Michael Pinto

    MSNBC is the Mesh of NBC — just like Microsoft should give up on having a desktop version of Office it would be a smart move for NBC to sack their network TV news operation. There’s no point in having a daily show for news when you already own an entire channel that doing nothing but that. Yet instead of going head-to-head with Fox the brain dead execs at NBC just run filler half the time on MSNBC (i.e. all of those dumb prison/crime shows). My bet is that David Gregory won’t even last until November.

  • http://blog.echovar.com Cliff Gerrish

    Microsoft not thinking about the user? Bill Buxton has been on board there for quite a while. Changing a corporate culture takes time, but this change started a few years ago. Check out Sketching User Interfaces by Buxton, http://www.billbuxton.com/ They say you should buy the rumor and sell the news. We’re starting to get the news out of Microsoft, O’Reilly seems to be mistaking it for rumor.

  • http://www.jroller.com/shareme Fred Grott

    A question has occurred tome. Chrome uses Webkit. iPhone browser uses Webkit. SmartPhoneOS Browser Symbinas60 uses webkit. The mobile browsers I just mentioned do not have Google search as default, I think although I have not checked recently.

    Given the speed of advancements in smart phone OSes is Google Chrome’s move a loss leader in order to get into the mobile browser space? I think you will find n the project webkit history that many were thinking of mobile OS when choosing that rendering engine during its inception including Nokia and possibly Apple.

    We also have the default choice of Google on many FireFox desktop installs also pointing the theory that Google Chrome is also leader on desktop but the first step towards Google Chrome Mobile Browser.

  • Jack

    Steve, if there is any logic in your post, it’s fuzzier than watching MSNBC with a rabbit-ear antenna. You seem to agree that Olbermann and Matthews were over the top in their biased, single-valued ‘reporting’, but then you go and predict that their replacement, Gregory, by reporting what will still be left leaning, but not upside-down opinion, will be imprisoned (along with all Republicans,) once the Messiah is anointed?

    And what’s with this ‘triangulation of real change’ that you are praying Obama, Biden and Hillary’ are conspiring to conjure? Do you have insider information that Obama will be calling for the DNCC to reconvene, so he can give Hillary half of the VP slot?

  • Steve Gillmor

    Note to the Deleted:

    As you can see, I’ve left negative comments such as Jack’s that actually discuss the content of this post. Others I delete.

  • http://jeremyvernon.com/2008/09/10/microsoft-isnt-ibm-and-google-isnt-microsoft/ JeremyVernon.com » Blog Archive » Microsoft isn’t IBM and Google isn’t Microsoft

    […] Crunch IT, in an uncharacteristic bout of skillful prose,  proffered what I think is the most interesting analysis on the issue of MSFT & Chrome – juxtaposing it with both the American election and continued […]

  • http://www.menobodyknows.com TMNK aka Nobody

    Bite Me! – mixed media on canvas (24"x36")
    What’s the difference between a soccer mom and a pitbull? LipsticK! Good one Sarah. So what’s next, Yo Mamma Jokes? It seems to play with the ‘good ole boys, you have to be willing to jump in the ring and wrestle in the mud. And since the Republican candidate for Vice-President, Sarah Palin, "is a girl" she’ll have to show she’s one tough bitch, capable of ripping the media and political foes a new one, and getting down and dirty with the "boys."
    So, please be careful, and stay a safe distance from your high definition TV. These political dog fights are known to particularly bloody and vicious. Rumour has it that Michael Vick has been secretly giving McCain and Palin campaign advice. American politics, you might say it’s a dog-eat-dog world. "Yo! Obama, Biden….Bite Me!"

    Bite Me! – TMNK

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