Feedster Top 500 Update

Feedster has updated their Top 500 List of Blogs. Scott Johnson, Feedster’s CTO, writes about it here.

The first list was published in August. The new list incorporates recent links and has changed substantially from the previous version. In particular, they’ve added user tagging and a tag cloud to assist in search/find. The tagging interface is in Ajax (with captcha to reduce spam).

I spoke with Scott Johnson last night about the new list. They’ve taken big steps to remove spam blogs and links, and will soon be tying authority to links to further refine the list.

The Feedster list is very focused on recent links in, looking back only two years and giving additional weight to more recent links.

The tagging feature is an interesting way to find blogs in the list. They’ve added a tag cloud on the right sidebar for easy navigation to specific types of blogs. For instance, click on “celebrity” and get that type of blog. Great way to drill down.

And finally, Feedster will be adding “Import into Excel for Analysis” and an OPML export of the feeds.