Advertising on TechCrunch

As many of you know, writing TechCrunch is and has been a hobby/obsession of mine for over 5 months now. To this point, TechCrunch has not generated revenue of any kind, other than a couple of thousand dollars paid by sponsors of our third meetup to offset party costs.

Revenue generation from advertising isn’t and won’t be the primary goal of this site because the value of TechCrunch isn’t in page views, but in networking (I agree with Dave Winer almost entirely on this).

However, I’ve had the opportunity to join John Battelle’s Federated Media Publishing along with a number of really great blogs. The main reason I’ve done this is to associate with these other blogs and cross pollinate ideas. Another benefit of the network is that they seek out appropriate advertisers for blogs.

As part of my commitment to FM Publishing I’ll be placing some ads on TechCrunch. I’d like to get feedback from TechCrunch readers on how they feel about this. In addition, I’d like to get an understanding of what types of advertisements you may actually find useful. If you have a moment, please also fill out this survey to help FM Publishing better match advertisers to you.

So hammer away. Comments are unmoderated and open.