Socialight – location aware application

Socialight, that launched yesterday, is a mobile location aware application that allows you to take notes about places you go by in the street so that when your friends go around the same place get notifications on their cellphones about your notes. Their about page reads:

Socialight is a mobile phone and web based platform that allows users to create and share location-based messages called StickyShadowsâ„¢. Socialight’s mobile and web tools give you access to location-based media on your mobile and on the web.

StickyShadows are virtual multimedia sticky notes that you create using your mobile phone or this web site. A StickyShadow is made up of media, such as text and a picture, and information about who can see it and when and where it’s available.

The idea of overlaying information on top of the real world by tagging and noting real places, while still connected to a social tissue (it’s your friends that get access to the information) is something that i’m particularly interested about. If it’s going to pick up or not is what we’ll see, but it’s nice to see helpful information pop into your familiar places.