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The founders of Jux2, a great metasearch engine, put it up for sale on ebay yesterday. John Battelle wrote about this yesterday as well.

Aaref Hilaly, one of the founders (and a friend) emailed to tell me about it, saying that the founders just don’t have enough time to put into the project and deal with growth.

Starting price? $0.01, with no reserve. Current price? $26,100 with 7 days left.

Jux2 won Search Engine Watch’s best metadata search engine award earlier this year. It’s an excellent way to view the big search engine results side-be-side, and has a very clean and usable interface.


    “let’s cut Dell some slack” ? Wuwut?? It’s a deliberate attempt to capitalize on language _after_ its become popular. If this was planned they would have made more of an attempt early on. Even if they invented the phrase, they did a poor job protecting it, which is what copyright law looks at. They should be thankful they own the .com

  • Diego

    Are you guys, one of the Crunch sites or Arrington in any way connected or sponsored by Dell? Take it easy on Dell? What a joke.

  • http://www.matthewsmith.com Matthew Smith

    Lawyers being lawyers.

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  • http://www.techcrunch.com Cameron Christoffers

    I am not saying that they should rightfully own the coinage at all, my point was that if this news broke when they applied for the trademark, in early 2007, they would not have received anywhere as much criticism as they have. The fact that this news broke just recently, after cloud computing has started to take off, makes the claim seems more preposterous than it really was at the time.

  • http://merged.till.klampaeckel.de/ till

    Cameron, you fail to make a point as WHY anyone should cut DELL some slack.

    The entire attempt is major weaksauce. There have been clouds when DELL registered the domain (over a year ago). It may not have been so “mainstream” though. In general all patents are weak attempts to secure what you think is your space because you ultimately fear the competition of others.

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