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This is clearly not a Google Ajax Office suite, which was widely anticipated. And as far as we could tell, the Webcast links never worked. Overall, a big disappointment. People wasted an incredible amount of time yesterday on this non story, which basically boils down to people being given the option of downloading Google’s toolbar in addition to JRE or Open Office. snooooooooooooze.

  • AK

    I don’t quite get it. How will increased bandwidth increase consumption?

  • wisdom

    i never thought that this could weaken the U.S. in the world. but you make a valid point.

  • Matthew Schulz

    @AK In Akamai’s case, the lack of bandwidth is directly effecting the amount of content they can get out to consumers. If bandwidth was increased, you would see an increase in consumption due to the fact that supply will then equal demand.

  • AK

    Is it really that straight-forward? Couldn’t one argue that online consumption would come at the expense of ‘offline’ consumption?
    I do get that increased bandwidth would hugely benefit Akamai and the entire web-industry in the US and wlsewhere (which isn’t a bad thing)

  • Rob

    Isn’t it true we’ve already paid for more bandwidth that was never delivered? Didn’t the phone companies strike a deal with the the US government to keep the fees from their add-on services like caller ID, call waiting, etc. in exchange for them using that money to expand the broadband network? I heard about this several years ago on a PBS show like Front Line or similar.

  • me

    50-100meg speeds in the US are only 12-18 months away.

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