Remote Control Mail is a Great Idea

Company: Remote Control Mail
Launched: Will launch early October
Funding: Closing Angel Round
Location: Portland, OR (development also in Russia)


RemoteControlMail will provide you with a permanent (snail) mail address, gather all of your incoming mail, scan (the outside), notify you of its existence (with the outside scan), scan the inside if you like (for a fee), and then either forward it to you or shred it, on your command.

You can sign up now for RCM. The service will begin working in a couple of weeks.

Who would want this? Anyone who moves a lot or maintains multiple residences. Businesses that need a physical mailing presence in another city. People who are concernced about identity theft (everyone should be). Or people who just want more cyber-control over their real world mail.

I spoke with the founder and CEO, Ron Wiener, today about RemoteControlMail’s launch a few days ago and got a better understanding of the service.

Dealing with real, actual (snail) mail isn’t very much fun. An endless and prodigious trail of junk mail comes through our mailbox (and incidentally, only 17% of it is ultimately recycled). As a country we get over 200 billion pieces of mail a year.

Remote Control Mail is the first company to try to solve this problem for us by virtualizing our real-world mail box.

Once you register, Remote Control Mail assigns you a permanent mailing address and you can then redirect all or some of your incoming mail to that address.

Upon receiving a piece of mail, RCM will scan the outside of the package or envelope and notify you of its existence via email or through the RCM website. You can choose to have the inside of the package scanned, and then either have the item forwarded to you (singly or grouped with other mail), or shredded and recycled.

An example of your RCM mailbox:

John Smith
RCM# 1234
14525 SW Millikan Way
Beaverton, OR 97005


Basic pricing is $2.50 per month + $.10 per mail piece and $0.95 per package. RCM charges extra fees for forwarding, scanning ($10.-$.20 per page), shredding ($0.1 per ounce) and archiving. Link


Ron Wiener, Founder, Chairman and CEO
Michael Miles, P.E., Director of Automation Technology
Brett Prochaska, Director of Software Development
Len A. Bayles, Chief Utility Player – Engineering
David L. Richardson, Director of Operations
Jeff Evans, Director of Marketing