VideoEgg Launches

Company: VideoEgg
Launched: September 19, 2005
Location: New Haven CT

VideoEgg, founded by three Yale graduates, launched at DEMO in Huntington Beach, CA on Monday.

Given the light content on their website, my bet is that the folks at VideoEgg have been working quite hard over the last few weeks to get the product ready for release.

VideoEgg is a web-based publishing service that allows users to capture video content from virtually any device and format and publish it to the web. Click here for an example featuring Buzz Bruggeman.

At first glance, VideoEgg has some really excellent features. A live demo is available on their site, and allows you to drag a video into the viewer to get a taste for how easy it is to use. Flash 8 allows the viewing of videos with enhanced quality.

From their launch press release:

Today, VideoEgg, Inc. unveiled the VideoEgg Publisher, a new Web-based video publishing technology that makes it easy for everyday Internet users to capture, encode, upload, and watch online video for the first time. A ‘universal adapter’ that captures directly from hundreds of devices and reads dozens of formats, the VideoEgg Publisher allows users to painlessly publish video that anyone can watch without worrying about player compatibilities, encoding settings, or extra software. VideoEgg announced the Publisher at the DEMOfall 2005 Conference, the invitation only, leading industry showcase for launching innovative technology products.

Currently, posting video online is complicated for users, requiring a highly technical understanding of formats, encoders, players and servers. The VideoEgg Publisher simplifies the difficult video encoding and posting process, allowing users to capture video directly into a Website from camcorders, Web cams, and mobile phones. It also accepts video files via a simple drag-and-drop interface. Before movies are encoded and posted, users can perform basic edits with the Publisher’s simple editing tools.

Using this system, videos are immediately available for viewing online through the Flash-based VideoEgg Player, a “playerless” solution that does not require external players like Windows Media and QuickTime.

Lots of interesting information about the service above…and the last paragraph is really interesting. Publishers can easily integrate content directly on their website by simply adding a html snippet.

This is something I really like about VideoEgg – it appears that they are really focused on making their product as easy as possible to use.

I’ve downloaded their software (which seems to be off the site now) and am digging through a box for my video camera. I’m hoping to get some good content up and indexed on Truveo.

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