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After the success of our first meetup and bbq in Atherton last Thursday, we’re doing it again this week. About 25 people showed up last week, and we expect quite a few more this week.

If you are in the bay area, please join us. The event is being held at our house/office in Atherton. A Wiki for the event is here and includes specifics and directions. If you are coming, please add your name to the bottom of the wiki. If you don’t know how to edit a wiki, you can’t come. :-)

We’ll be bbq’ing from 5-6:30, and will have plenty of wine, beer and soft drinks throughout the evening. Computers for demo’ing products are avaiable in the living room and in a back office. Fire pit is outside to keep things going late into the evening.

If you’re looking to meet other entrepreneurs and VCs, or want to get the buzz started on your startup, this is the place to be (if you aren’t at DEMO, that is).

  • Tim F.

    “Note: If you think Twitter is a joke, or that Microsoft has no chance of being trusted with anything, or that Apple will fall to the surging citizen militia, or any other common wisdom of the Internets, please move along, I beg you.”

    What if we thought PodTech had no chance of succeeding under any circumstance?

    Anyway, you sow seeds, not sew them.

  • Steve Gillmor

    Thanks for the correction, Tim.

  • Nick W

    That’s an amazing piece Steve. Thanks. It’s posts like that that help put all this stuff together for those of us that don’t spend all day thinking long and hard about this stuff — facinating and exciting, makes me wish I DID spend all day thinking long and hard about this stuff!

  • Karoli

    Wonderful piece. I read it while standing at the bus stop waiting for the magic. Can’t arrive a moment too soon.

  • robbie van der blom

    Interesting that you coin the term social service bus, which Gnip effectively is, I can see three kinds of service busses emerging, each with it’s own span:

    Firstly the ESB which has been around now for some time and is targetted at the enterprise.
    Secondly the SSB which is tartetted as some might call the social space.
    Third the PSB (Personal Service Bus) which is targetted at stuff surrounding me the person and provides anchor points into the SSB but also contains stuff i need in my personal space and exposes some services to either the SSB or the ESB.

    Interestingly the PSB would host my social graph and determines what others might or might not see via my PSB. Interestingly I should be in sole control of my PSB and determine which SSB’s might handle my outside messages.

    When you start thinking in SB’s it mainly makes Mesh irrelevant form most parts as it is a transport mechanism of which there are many…

  • peterson

    Real nice piece of work. Like the way you have extracted and placed all the facts together. Btw nice diversity, from Apple iphone to MS LiveMesh ;)

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