Company: FilmLoop
Launched: Private Alpha
Location: Palo Alto

FilmLoop is a winner. You can quote me on that. There are obvious similarities with Slide, but FilmLoop is different.

As noted by Dave Winer this morning (he told me yesterday something cool was launching today), FilmLoop took another step clser to launching, replacing a nondescript “sign up here” page with a full description and demo of their soon to be released product.

Full details can be seen in their brochure here.

Introducing FilmLoop, a visual communications network that uses client-server architecture to provide direct, real-time, and bi-directional updates to the user’s PC desktop. Strings of images called “loops” move across the desktop screen to tell stories, showcase products, communicate ideas, and build brands. For businesses, FilmLoop is a direct real-time connection to consumers’ desktops. For individuals, it’s a new way to instantly express oneself and share images with friends, family, and colleagues, as well as continually monitor activities such as online auctions and dating postings.

Creating and viewing loops requires a client download. Creation looks to be simple – drag and drop pictures and images into your “loop” (I’m assuming they’ll have an API for this as well). You can send your loop to people (I’m thinking it’s an excellent way to share photos among family members). Public loops can also be searched for and subscribed to from the site.

And multiple people can add pictures to a loop. And “With a simple click, frames can open to a zoom view, link to video, audio, flash, or directly to “click to buy” or “bid” page on any website. Open to a zoom view, link to video, audio, flash, or directly to “click to buy” or “bid” page on any website.” Obviously there is a business angle here as well.

FilmLoop will launch for windows only, with a mac version to be released this year.


Kyle Mashima
Prescott Lee