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This is definitely filed under the rumor category, but two people have separately pointed out to me a public link by Fred Wilson (user’s links are posted under the URL[username]).

Fred links to a toolbar Firefox Extension called Very Delicious (see below).

In the notes section, he writes “what do we think of this one? i might try it out unless all this will be in our toolbar” (emphasis added). Fred’s fund, Union Square Ventures, is an investor in The link suggests, therefore, that will be coming out with their own toolbar.

Now Since Fred knows that many people monitor his delicious links, it makes you wonder if he’s just messing around, and/or is using this as a way to let the market know that the product is coming. Either way, it’ll be a toolbar worth having and I can’t wait until Joshua releases it.

Lots of other rumors of new delicious features coming soon. I’m under super double secret NDA on those.

Update: Through Solution Watch, I now know that alread has a preliminary and rudimentary toolbar out. New version may be coming out soon?

  • Matt Terenzio

    How in the world can I make this related to Twitter? ; )

    Well, only in the fact that it’s becoming clear that we have a multitude of data types flowing into our GMail/Gtalk interface.

    It’s becoming a console for our web touch points, as you suggested in a podcast with the GMail product team.

    And yes, as you say, we want to treat those touch points differently. Some we expect to be more private than others. Some we want to share.

    While Gmail doesn’t yet recognize our micro-blogging friends (GMail plus opportunity?) as they stream in over XMPP, we may some day need a new category in addition to shared feeds, email contacts etc.

    In fact, I’d say that as more of our information flows in over XMPP we are most definitely going to want the additional metadata about that info. Email is here. RSS is here. XMPP is coming on in a big way.

    We know from recent syndication partnerships and API offerings from Twitter that we can embed ATOM into the XMPP, so the technology is there.

    Next step. Let XMPP take its proper place along side these other communication protocols and utilize it to its full potential.

    No pun intended, but these “tweets” are atomic, like an RSS item or an email. In fact, Gtalk already recognizes this within its own XMPP community.

    Time to recognize the larger picture.

  • http://blog/ francine hardaway

    The opposite end of the spectrum from Matt Terenzio’s post: I had an aha moment when I learned that after five emails to a person, he/she was added to my contacts. I thought that was magic.

    Seriously, I am glad these things are being discussed by the open social players and the aggregators of our information. Although I have already forsworn privacy, choices would be nice.

    Keep on ’em, Steve!

  • Greg Yardley

    Steve – I’d be very curious to get your thoughts on mobile, especially the new iPhone SDK, where I anticipate many of the very same issues will play out again. We should chat about this at some point.

  • Pierre-Philippe Martin

    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”: thanks for keeping an eye on the big guys (here, the social networks) on our behalf ;)

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