Collaborative Writing – Unblokt

Sometimes blog (and any other) writing day after day is hard. The creative juices stop flowing. You have something interesting to talk about, but the words just don’t flow.

Tris Hussey reads (real books) to blog better. Others take the weekend off (I don’t remember where I read this). I just sit in front of my computer and listen to Pandora until I start rocking again (no, I don’t work for Pandora but I am in love with them). :-)

Today I read a post by Jon Aquino (a favorite blog of mine) saw something that may also also help – unblokt. It’s also just really, really fun.

Unblokt is a collaborative writing experiment created by Sean O’Hagan that anyone can participate it. The Help page says this:

-a collaborative experiment in novel-writing
-a random sentence and its successor are displayed
-write a new sentence which fits in between
-at the beginning, don’t worry too much about connectedness
-near the middle, start trying to bring sentences together
-at the end, try hard to weave everything tightly
-here’s a place to praise, complain, and wonder: google group

I’ve been writing on unblokt all morning. I’m determined to make it as weird as possible.