Weblogs Work – These Guys Build Cool Stuff

Weblogs Work, based in Dallas, Texas, is a web 2.0 consultancy, incubator and overall cool group of people. I’m finding that I spend more and more time talking with these guys about new ideas, and we are linking to eachother so often that people are starting to talk. :-)

Weblogs Work designs, builds and promotes new applications, and will also assist third parties in application building if there is a fit. Existing and future applications include things like eflURL (our profile), Gahbunga, Frankenfeed, EgorRSS, and EgorOPML. Many or all of these will be profiled on TechCrunch in the near future.

Brian Oberkirch (who has a really excellent personal blog called Like It Matters) is the CEO. He is a former literature professor, college baseball player, and marketing executive, turned entrepreneur. The company is 50% marketing/PR guys like Brian and 50% tech/coder guys like Scott Ryan (26 total employees/contractors).

M Ventures (I like going to this site just to listen to the cool background music) funds and guides Weblogs Work. Alexander Muse is the main guy at M Ventures, and keeps his blog here (another must-read).