Rollyo – Roll your own search engine

Company: Rollyo
Launched: in private beta
Location: San Francisco

Note: Due to a misunderstanding, I posted a profile of Rollyo while the company was in private beta and did not want any publicity (the misunderstanding was that I didn’t know this when I posted). They have requested that I remove the post for now, and I am complying. Nothing heavy, I just received a very polite email request from a very smart employee of the company. In my opinion, all this controversy just adds more buzz and is ultimately good for the company. And I also understand that Rollyo would like to keep things a little quiet for now as they work through the beta. I look forward to re-posting when the time is right. In the meantime, I’m going to keep testing the site. Good things are going on over there. Check it out (by requesting a beta invite).