Google Sidebar to Launch Monday

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UPDATE: I just saw this link to Sidebar at Google’s site. Thanks Fred!

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google will release a new product tomorrow called “Sidebar”.

As far as I can tell the product is not available at Google yet (as of 10:00 PM PST on Sunday). The WSJ reports that Sidebar will be available on Monday and will provide information including email, weather, stocks, and desktop search alongside whatever content users are viewing.

It appears that Sidebar will self-customize based on user activities and will also include a text editor that allows users to write and store text files.

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  • Rob

    Have you considered editing your video to eliminate the parts where you hold the camera sideways?

  • Criag

    Shame the camera was handheld, and the editing annoying (non-existent) as this interview could have been way better – and was on a topic I was keen to know more about.

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