Event – Bar Camp (Day 2)

Day 2 of Bar Camp was, if possible, more interesting than Day 1 (perhaps becasue Day 1 was only 5 hours, while Day 2 was a full 24 hours). I had to slip out in the late afternoon to go to the OPML Editor road show in Berkeley, but saunterd back in late evening just as the drinking binge was getting into full swing.

But the drinking and partying was justified. It was a long and productive day. Notes below. Once again, I need to point out that I saw only a small fraction of the total stuff that was going on.

Bar Camp on Slashdot

Andy Smith flickrs it.

It’s also the most popular tag on Flickr right now.


The most exciting presentation of the day was Pandora. I wasn’t there for it, of course, but Tom Conrad, Padora’s CTO, gave me a private demo earlier in the day and I profiled it here. Make sure you check this one out.

Robert Scoble likes it too
and has additional company information.


Flock (“Social browser based on the Mozilla engine to give you the tools to talk back to the web”) gave an excellent presentation showing off their brand new stuff. I have a beta invite and will be profiling Flock this week.


I met some incredibly interesting people yesterday, including Kevin Burton, Robert Scoble, and Eris Stassi (who created the Bar Camp logo). I was also able to spend time hanging out with Sam Perry, who I first met at Always On and who is becoming a good friend.

Had a late night dinner with Steve Gillmor, Dave Winer, Niall Kennedy, Robert Scoble and Buzz Bruggeman as well.


I didn’t realize I broke the WikyWyg news in my Day 1 notes. This was blogged on by Jeff Jarvis later as well yesterday, and Ross Mayfied announced it on his blog. This is going to be talked about a lot in the coming weeks.


Do I look like I can fit into a medium tshirt? For the love of God, people, get your act together and order some more XL tshirts! On a related note, do you really think you can leave boxes of KitKats and other junk food around and I won’t eat 10 of them? That’s irresponsible. :-)

Heading back now for more presentations and junk food.

By the way, our Day 1 Notes on Bar Camp was by far our most clicked on post ever.