Update – Technorati (multiple tag search)

Niall Kennedy just announced that Technorati now allows multiple tag search.

With this new functionality, you can do a single search and find posts that have any of the two or more tags you type in.

Niall says:

You can now search Technorati for multiple tags! Just separate each tag with the word “OR” to add an posts tagged with your specified tag to your search results.

Multiple tags are a great way to follow your favorite topics while accounting for the variety of methods people tag their posts. A tag search for college OR university displays the latest posts indexed by Technorati tagged with either “college” or “university.” You could also mix tags in an area of interest such as tracking the mobile gaming industry through a tag search for PSP OR GameBoy.

I am sure you have many more ideas how multiple tag search can help you discover new content and keep informed of the latest events in the topics you care about. Enjoy!

Ok, cool. This saves a bit of time on certain searches.

Want to really wow us? Create “AND” functionality and allow us to filter by multiple keywords. That will get us to super-relevant results, fast.

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