Profile – Bitty Browser

Company: Bitty Browser
Launched: May 2005
Location: New York, NY

Bitty Browser is a mini-browser that can be embedded into a web page.

It is the creation of Scott Matthews. I spoke with Scott earlier today. He’s taking customer feedback and will be releasing new features soon.

Scott calls his project “picture-in-picture” for the web. He also points out that it is a perfect way to bridge the gap between mobile and normal content – Bitty Browser is a good way to pull mobile content into a website.

Bitty Browser is built on javascript, works with virtually all web browsers and has some nice shortcuts to view feeds, delicious tags, etc. For more information, see their help page.

We created a browser showing the TechCrunch RSS feed in a couple of minutes (I haven’t embedded it into the post because feed readers seem to often break html).

For addtional information, see Fred Wilson and Erick Schonfeld.