Update – Qumana (new feature)

Company: Qumana
Previous Profile: June 15, 2005
Location: Vancouver, BC

Qumana Launches Update Feature

(TechCrunch Profile) is a wysiwyg blog editor that works with virtually all blogging software. See our previous profile for more information, but you can drag and drop images, have the text look exactly like you want it to without html or formatting tags, and write and edit posts even when you are offline.

In our opinion it is the best software out there to do this (note: others disagree), and unlike most of their competitors, it’s free.

Yesterday Qumana announced a new feature: the ability to change previously published posts. Note that this new feature works with both Qumana and non-Qumana posts, so you can start using their software now and revise old posts that you wrote using your existing blog software.

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