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Company: Qumana
Previous Profile: June 15, 2005
Location: Vancouver, BC

Qumana Launches Update Feature

(TechCrunch Profile) is a wysiwyg blog editor that works with virtually all blogging software. See our previous profile for more information, but you can drag and drop images, have the text look exactly like you want it to without html or formatting tags, and write and edit posts even when you are offline.

In our opinion it is the best software out there to do this (note: others disagree), and unlike most of their competitors, it’s free.

Yesterday Qumana announced a new feature: the ability to change previously published posts. Note that this new feature works with both Qumana and non-Qumana posts, so you can start using their software now and revise old posts that you wrote using your existing blog software.

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  • http://friendfeed.com/kamath fatoracle

    The graphic looks like a “flip-page” graphic to me..like a bended page corner…if u know what I mean?

  • shane blyth

    maybe it is just to look nice

  • Patrick Hankinson

    Umm… Its an Iframe box at 1px width and height.

  • http://www.garryconn.com/ Garry Conn

    That is strange. I first noticed this too this morning. Now that I see it, I kinda bugs me. ;)

  • http://wonojo.com N

    Woah… that’s spooky. seeing here on firefox too.

  • http://richardchmura.com/blog/ Richard Chmura

    @3 – Agree, it definitely looks like an iframe. closer inspection reveals an emtpty (no href) iframe. Can anyone confirm that?

  • Shimon Amit

    It’s the end of the world as we know it!

  • http://www.alienspaces.com Ray

    The Google Web Toolkit uses an iFrame to implement history functionality to get around the problems associated with Ajax and saving a pages state, but this is usually done invisibly to the user. Maybe it has something to do with that, and they’ve got a tiny bug with it?

  • http://www.musojam.com/ Matt Richardson

    Seen this for a while – using Firefox 2.0 – pretty sure I have seen it on more sites than just Gmail so assumed it was a Firefox bug…

  • http://www.g9g.org Porter Glendinning

    It’s definitely coming from their “invisible” iframes. It looks like someone changed some styling recently and forgot to zero out the borders on their “invfr” class. What you’re seeing are the borders of a 0px tall, 0px wide iframe — several, actually, stacked in the upper left corner. This accounts for why the “graphics” look different in Firefox and Safari, since they render default iframe borders with different shades of gray.

  • http://jaybose.com/archives/hey-google-what-is-that/ that’s great… » hey google, what is that?

    […] speaks on it too. – Thanks Jason […]

  • Dan Kjaergaard

    Wasn’t expecting this on the Techcrunch “Enterprise IT” blog.

  • alex

    @12 you got it right …. save the the silly stuff for other blogs ….

  • http://www.zefhemel.com Zef Hemel

    As far as I’m aware Gmail is not written using Google Web Toolkit, or that has changed recently.

  • http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/07/06/gmails-mysterious-grey-box/ Gmail’s Mysterious Grey Box

    […] a small grey box rendered in an iFrame in the top left hand corner of Gmail, and TechCrunchIT is trying to figure out what it is. The icon is a ten by ten pixel graphic with a diagonal line […]

  • dyl

    Going to reveal an updated UI

  • http://jebers.com Jack Carlson

    It’s a court ordered tracking widget that reports your IP address directly to Viacom.

  • Cameron

    In Firefox 3, if I refresh the page, the little graphic persists for a small while after the rest of the page has turned white but before the loading bar appears.

  • http://angrys0ul.com/blog/ Ram

    Google’s way of mourning?

  • http://david-damore.blogspot.com/ David Damore

    It appears to be the all seeing Google eye.

    They see everything.

    Now you know ;)

  • satchit

    I wonder if it is going to be a floating toolbar, so that it can be managed as a separate browser window, like how chat windows can be managed.

  • iMads

    It’s the return of The Big Red Button That doesn’t do anything. Except this time, it’s disguised itself.

  • http://www.pixelscapes.com/spatulacity/button.htm iMads

    Oh, and of course. The link to it’s true nature.

  • Cameron

    Infact, if you create your own page like this:

    and view it in Firefox 3/Safari, you will have your very own mysterious grey box! What you’re seeing is the artefact from the bevel, which explains it’s varying appearance.

  • Cameron

    Damn.. it didn’t appear.. it must have filtered out the HTML.

    Try this: http://cameronharris.org/test.html

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