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Company: BlogPulse

Launched: Version 2.0 launched March 28, 2005

Location: Cincinnati, OH

What is it?

BlogPulse is an exemplary real-time search engine, with additional features like trends, conversation tracker and blog profiles. It’s parent company is Intelliseek.

In their own words, “BlogPulse is a window into the blogosphere…open it daily to discover the people, issues, blogs, posts, commentaries, tidbits and news that bloggers are discussing.” Link

The BlogPulse site offers four main services that we profile here: Search, Conversation Tracker, Trends and Profiles.


BlogPulse search allows search by keyword or URI (but not tags/categories, something that absolutely must be added). Advanced search features are here. Sample searches yielded excellent results compared to Technorati, Feedster and others, although this is a quickly evolving space. In general, the index looks very up to date and complete, and searches are very fast.

Conversation Tracker:

The Conversation Tracker service is really cool. As the blogosphere has evolved, “conversations” are taking place in a decentralized and distributed manner over literally millions of blogs and other websites (whereas in web 1.0 conversations were generally centralized on a site, such as a newsgroup).

“BlogPulse Trend Search allows you to create graphs that visually track “buzz” over time for certain key words, phrases or links. Compare search terms/links in isolation, or use all three fields to compare search terms/links against others.

Type your search terms in the boxes on the left. Type descriptive labels for each search into the boxes on the right. Then choose your time frame: 1, 2, 3 or 6 months.�?

Blogpulse has collected the full text of blog posts and analyzes citations to create a visual conversation tracker on a keyword or URI. It’s rough, but extremely useful for tracking discussions. See the videos here and here for further explanation.

A key value of Conversation Tracker is to track viral diffusion associated with an individual post.


The Trends service gives a visual graph of postings associated with keywords or URIs. You can also compare multiple items on a single graph. They also have featured trends for high profile news and other discussions.

Below are two trend graphs. The first is for the keyword “TechCrunch”, the second compares postings of Harry Potter to Willy Wonka.


The Profiles service has fairly deep information about specific blogs, including overview, posts, citations, trends, sources, neighborhood. Check it out.

Blogpulse also has lots of other cool and interesting links, stats, etc. that we are not profiling here.


Mahendra Vora – Executive Chairman of the Board
Mike Nazzaro – Chief Executive Officer
Sundar Kadayam – Chief Technology Officer
Pete Blackshaw – Chief Marketing Officer
Jay Stockwell – Senior VP Sales
Karthik Iyer – Senior VP Business Development
Chris Connaughton – Vice President of Technology
Douglas Widmann – Vice President & General Counsel


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