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Service: Google RSS Reader

Launched: July 25, 2005

What is it?

Google has added RSS and bookmark functionality to its personalized home page.

Bookmark functionality is very basic – it adds a link (with an optional title) to your Google home page. It will be more interesting if they add delicious or shadows-like functionality.

The RSS functionality works very much like Yahoo’s home page RSS reader, with cool options like setting the number of posts shown (up to 9), and the ability to drag and drop the feeds anywhere on the screen. It’s great for RSS newbies or if you have only a few feeds that you review daily.


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  • Andy

    Well done to Microsoft. They get little credit for providing small business with real solutions. Their online interfaces might be a little shakey, not the most useable at times, but they provide good features and prices people are willing to stump up cash for. And the latter – getting people to pay – is key.

  • PR NY

    Generic hosting may also be down because Web owners may have simply gotten fed up from not making any money on their Websites.

    Top level SEOs are expensive and PPCs have gotten to costly for many small biz owners

  • Sekhar Ravinutala

    I doubt businesses (even SMBs) will switch to blogs or hosted/customizable sites from regular websites – rather, they’ll use the two together. Having a fully custom site is the only way to communicate your brand/products/services well and differentiate, IMO.

    Sure, individuals, some non-profits, etc. that don’t want/need to invest in a separate website, may well switch.

    In any case, I do think as more and more apps move online to a SaaS model, cloud computing will become more compelling. And chances are, the GoDaddys and 1&1s will begin offering on the lines of AWS and Google AE.

  • Mark Pegues

    Many people still are not aware of other options outside of generic hosting. One of my biggest selling points is informing clients they no longer have to pay for hosting. They quickly and easily convert away from 1and1, GoDaddy, Yahoo!, and others to Office Live.

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