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Event: AlwaysOn

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What’s Happening?

Great start to the conference. Cocktail hour(s) followed by a number of panels and discussions. This is clearly going to be a great event – a live webcast is available here, with over 900 reported participants. The chat is lively and interesting.

Welcome Remarks:

Tom Byers, Stanford Professor, talks about the Stanford Technology Ventures Program.

The Giant Brain is Us:

Interesting Presentation by Peter Hirshberg and Michael Markman discussing the fear of technology in the mid-last century, followed by more hopefullness, and eventually coming full circle to people’s concerns about today’s “global villiage” and how everyone is involved in everyone else’s life. Best quote is the shoeshine guy – “blogging is a gunpowder trail”.

Wonderful segment. Totally awesome.

AO100 Top Innovators Awards:

Announced by Packy Kelly and Susan Ayers-Walker

Looking for a link of the winners.

Bill Draper accepted Skype award for overall top innovator and top consumer technology company.

Featured Keynote:

Sandy Berger, Michael Medved and Jerry Brown

Not much to say here (there is no way I’m getting into politics on this blog), although I enjoyed hearing Jerry being introduced as the Mayor of California. :-)

It was also fun to watch the live chat up on screen next to the participants.

Relevant Links:

New Media Musings

More tomorrow.

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