Launched: June 2005

What is it?

Extispicious has two tools built on the back of delicious (profile) data: one for viewing a random scattering of a user’s delicious tags, sized according to number of times used by that user, and another for viewing a random set of yahoo images based on search results for that user’s tags.

View Tag Scattering:

“ text gives you a random textual scattering of a user’s tags, sized according to the number of times that they’ve used each of them, and leaves you to draw your own insights from the overlapping entrails.”

Each tag is clickable and goes to the relevant delicious page for that user and tag. As a visual, here is the scatter for Kevin Davis, the creator:


The Techcrunch scatter is less interesting (we use it primarily to flag content to post on later).

View Images:

“ images displays a random Yahoo images search result for each of a user’s tag words (excluding those which they’ve only ever used once). Despite the best intentions of the Yahoo API, and’s further attempts at filtering, however, some tags will occasionally be assigned images which are not work safe.”

Each image is clickable. The result set is extremely random but interesting to view:


Overall, this is an interesting experiment that may evolve, and it will certainly inspire others to try new things. See our profile on Direc.tor for another interesting application built on the top of delicious data.


Kevan Davis


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