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What’s new?

Weblogs, Inc. has launched Spanish, Chinese and Japanese versions of it’s popular blog engadget.

Screen Shots:




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BlogHerald on Chinese site
BlogHerald on Spanish and Japanese sites
WeblogsSL on this

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  • Mark

    I hate to be the troll here, but how is this news? RightScale has had the exact functionality you’ve described for quite some time now. If there are *new* features in this release, I think the readership here would be happy to know. But otherwise, it seems like a recap of existing/old news of a few months back.

    Perhaps you guys need a *true* muffler-writer on here. :-)

  • http://www.techcrunchit.com/ Nik Cubrilovic

    Hey Mark – thats funny because they relayed to us that the MySQL-specific stuff was news. I will def follow up on that..

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