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Editors Note: PostSecret is not a for-profit company as far as I can tell. But it is beautiful and interesting and I feel like profiling it here because, as we say in our About section, we are profiling companies “that are making an impact (commercial and/or cultural) on the web 2.0 space”. Clearly, PostSecret is making a cultural impact on the web.

Website: PostSecret

Location: Germantown, Md.

Launched: January 1, 2005

What is it?

Postsecret is a weblog that asks people to submit 4-by-6-inch postcards that contain anonymous secrets. The postcards are scanned and placed on the website. PostSecret has thousands of daily visitors and a quick check of RSS reed subscriptions shows thousand of people get RSS feeds daily with new postcards.

In their own words, “Each secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything – as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before.”

It is a beautiful site and a wonderful idea.

A few Comments left on PostSecret:

“When I read these, I don’t feel so alone.”

“I wish I could give all these people on the site a hug and tell them it’s ok to be human.”
-Washington DC

“Your site is truly inspirational, I’m left feeling full of compassion for my fellow human beings – We’re the same the world over.”

“I cryed when i saw your site. Its truly amazing that so many people have so many secrets like mine. I wish i could just tell most of these people it will be ok, cause i myself have never had anyone tell ME that…and it would help.”
-West Virgina

“So many of my secrets are there, without even sending a card.”

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