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What is it?

BlogAds is an Ad network for big blogs, and only big blogs. From their site, you generally need at least 1,000 daily readers. From their FAQs:

“What is the minimum daily user number a blog should have before they can consider blogads?
Blogs without a laser-sharp focus on one topic or community AND an audience of 1000 readers a day usually do not attract advertisers. But some blogs with a sharp focus AND an audience of thousands a day do NOT get advertisers either. One test: have more than a handful of companies expressed an interest in advertising on your blog?”

The ads are “skyscraper” format and can include images, text and a link. See the screen shots below for examples.

Publishers choose the blog(s) that they would like to advertise on, based on price, length and subject matter. Prices are not CPM or CPC based – rather the ad runs for a length of time in exchange for payment. Ads may run for 1 week, or 1-3 months. Prices currently range from $10 – $4500 per week.

Most of the top blogs use blogAds: “All blogs in the top 30 have an income stream. Only one blog had no advertising or affiliate programs (it did have a donation button though). The most popular Income Stream on these Blogs is BlogAds – 23 of the top 30 have them.” Link
(from April 28, 2005)

And they seem to be making a reasonable amount of money:

“The average blogger makes $30 $50 a month selling Blogads, with some pulling up to more than $5000 monthly. As advertiser appreciation rises, your yield should rise. Blogads receives 30% of your ad fee, unlike other networks that charge far more or won’t even tell what they take.”

In fact, some blogs make the majority of their revenue from Blogads:


Overall, it is a great and popular advertising network for bloggers with very large audiences (this is not a long tail play, at least yet). Since CPM and CPC rates are not an issue, all a blog needs is a big and relevant audience to attract advertisers, and the money rolls in.

Screen Shots:


Henry Copeland

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