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What is it?

Gataga is a social bookmarking search engine. As of today, it indexes bookmarks from, blogmarks, blinklist, jots, spurl, furl, simpy and connotea. They added furl, simpy, spurl and connotea literally overnight at the request of Alexandra Samuel at You’re It!. Alexandra also suggested RSS feeds for search results, and they have added those today as well.

There is a “Sherpa” option that acts like the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button at Google. It needs some work to become useful – although typing in “techcrunch” and hitting the Sherpa button brough us right to where we wanted to go.

Searches can be made by keywords or tags (both shown below). The fact that they are including most tagging data sources as well as the search result RSS feeds make this a compelling and useful site if you are interested in searching through socially-tagged URIs. We will use it regularly.

Screen Shots:

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