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What is it?

The FeedLounge web-based RSS reader alpha was announced on June 9, 2005. Feedlounge is the newest entrant into the increasingly crowded RSS Reader space. Feedlounge is web-based, like Bloglines, Pluck, Kinja and Rojo, and has tagging (both feeds and posts), saving items indefinitely, and flagging items.

Scott Sanders, one of the founders, writes in his blog that he created FeedLounge as a web-based application because he works from many different machines. Their goal was to create a thin-client-like experience, and the early alpha testers are coming back with very positive reviews:

FeedLounge often feels much more like a desktop application than a web page. Clever combinations of Ajax and CSS add a ton of “hey wow” moments when using the system. As with Alex’s other works, the user interface is clean and easy to navigate.”

Key Features:

– choice of layouts
– useful keyboard shortcuts
– OPML import support (export support later)
– Tagging (both of feeds and posts)
– Works only with Firefox, by design (a plus in TechCrunch’s view)

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Alex King
Scott Sanders

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