Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1

Produced by Microsoft and released to the public in 2013, Windows 8.1 is an upgrade for Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is available free of charge for retail copies of Windows 8 and was primarily intended to address the complaints of Windows 8 users.

Enhancements include an improved Start screen, additional snap views, additional bundled apps, tighter OneDrive integration, Internet Explorer 11, a unified search system powered by Bing, restoration of a visible Start button on the task bar, and the ability to restore the previous behavior of opening the user’s desktop on login instead of the Start screen.

Windows 8.1 also added support for high-resolution displays, 3D printing, Wi-Fi Direction and Miracast streaming. In response to the increasing pixel density in displays, Windows 8.1 also can scale text and GUI elements up to 200 percent (Windows 8 only supported 150 percent) and can set scale settings independently on each display in multi-monitor configurations.


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