Choosing a cloud infrastructure provider: A beginner’s guide

It's essential to analyze the tools available before you decide on a cloud infrastructure provider to keep application maturity and running costs in check.

Data hints at the value of startup offices

Data looks at whether having an office, at the earliest stages of company-building, truly does impact the bottom line.

Dear Sophie: What H-1B and other immigration changes can we expect this year?

When will the visa application fee hikes come into effect? Are there any other immigration-related changes coming this year?

How to cut your SaaS spending by 30% in 2023

Vendor pricing is rarely set in stone, and buyers have more purchasing power than they realize when they approach negotiations and are equipped with leverage.

When to build a freemium plan and how to get it right

Freemium models allow you to target a wide audience and retain them in your product even if users do not have a budget for the solution.

What do recent changes to state taxes mean for US SaaS startups?

While no business is exempt from taxes, it’s critical for startups to understand when they're liable for tax, and if offering a SaaS solution, how each set of local laws applies.

Startups should expect more scrutiny from VCs on their hiring plans

Startups should be prepared to explain why they are hiring certain positions and justify why those roles shouldn't be outsourced.

Dear Sophie: How do I change my L-1B to an H-1B through the lottery?

Can I change my L-1B visa to an H-1B with a different company? My understanding is that L visas are restricted to working only with the issuing company.

When it comes to large language models, should you build or buy?

Companies are now facing an age-old corporate — but entirely new to ML — question: Would it be better to buy or build this technology?

Crypto recruiters see opportunity to snatch up talent amid Big Tech layoffs

Major crypto companies have laid off employees, which is giving startups the opportunity to snatch up new talent.

Failures are valuable IP: Protect your startup’s negative trade secrets

Negative trade secrets are intended to protect a company’s secret know-how gained from extensive research and investment about what does not work.

4 questions to ask when evaluating AI prototypes for bias

As AI teams bring new products to life, it’s critical that they ask themselves the right questions to eliminate all kinds of bias.

Dear Sophie: What are some fast options for hiring someone on an expiring grace period?

We're considering bringing on a co-founder on an H-1B with a grace period that will expire soon. What are our fastest, least risky options?

Cost-effective IP strategies can lead to massive exit valuations

Overreliance on conventional wisdom allows valuation destroying time bombs to hide within successful businesses, only to detonate during a liquidity event.

How we pivoted our deep tech startup to become a SaaS company

Pivoting from hardware to SaaS was the right move for our electric motor design startup, but the process wasn’t precisely linear.

Dear Sophie: Any tips for presenting a strong H-1B case? What if I’m not selected?

My employer will sponsor me in the H-1B lottery in March. Can you share any tips for presenting a strong H-1B case if I’m selected? If I’m not selected, then what?

Some investors are (cautiously) implementing ChatGPT in their workflows

For investors, ChatGPT’s surge isn’t just an inspiration for them to run and back the next big AI tool.

How can fintech startups outlast the VC winter?

In this operating environment, startups have a better chance of impressing investors if they can point to tangible results.

Dear Sophie: How can I transfer my H-1B to my new startup in 2023?

How can I transfer my H-1B visa to my startup? How do we structure the startup for immigration success?

5 tips for dealing with Day 2 Kubernetes operational challenges

Kubernetes is a wonderful but complex software that can present significant 'Day Two' challenges when put into production.
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