Investor Surveys

Proptech in Review: Investors predict slower growth in 2023

We interviewed investors Momei Qu and AJ Malhotra about the latest tech in property and housing development.

4 investors discuss the next big wave for alternative seafood startups

Investors say regulation will help alternative seafood make additional strides, and they are optimistic that traction will be found.

Losing the horn: VCs think majority of unicorns aren’t worth $1 billion anymore

The majority of unicorns are valued at less than $2 billion, which makes it likely that most won't keep that status after their next raise.

When it comes to web3, investors say they’re in it for the long haul

Even though the hype around web3 faded in 2022, many investors are still bullish that the technology could be transformational.

6 crypto investors talk about DeFi and the road ahead for adoption in 2023

The crypto VC industry has become more selective due to the market downturn and wavering trust, but major firms are still investing in the space.

Some investors are (cautiously) implementing ChatGPT in their workflows

For investors, ChatGPT’s surge isn’t just an inspiration for them to run and back the next big AI tool.

Investors say web3 and hype are in for 2023, high valuations are out — maybe?

It's unlikely that many investors came close to predicting what would play out in 2022. But, hey, there's always next year.

3 Black investors talk about what they’re looking for in 2023

"I think a lot of the narrative that many investors put out there about investing in more Black founders was mostly just talk."

The best books that venture capitalists read in 2022

TechCrunch+ collected book recommendations from both venture capitalists and founders. Here we have investor favorites, and we'll follow up with notes from founders tomorrow.

3 Black founders predict little will change in VC in 2023

As the fundraising climate reverts to pre-pandemic levels, Black founders discuss how they're preparing for next year.

6 investors discuss why AI is more than just a buzzword in biotech

To get a better idea of how AI is affecting biotech in 2022, we asked six investors to tell us what they look for in a biotech startup today.

Proptech in Review: 3 investors explain why they’re bullish on tech that makes buildings greener

3 proptech investors explain how reducing emissions can trim a building’s carbon footprint and offer new opportunities for returns.

Startup CEOs sound off on picking cloud providers

We asked BuildBuddy, Monte Carlo and Egnyte what they think about their public cloud choices and the strengths and weaknesses thereof.

Proptech in Review: 3 investors explain how finance-focused proptech startups can survive the downturn

3 VCs talk about which fintech-focused startups have the best shot at survival and the advice they are giving startups in their portfolios.

5 cloud investors illustrate the various paths ahead for startups

Cloud cost optimization startups have found a friendly ear in enterprise clients looking to cut costs. Should younger startups follow suit?

6 investors share where they draw the line when it comes to ethical issues

Investors are paying more attention to founder and startup behavior and many won't invest in startups that could compromise their ethics.

7 investors discuss how agtech can solve agriculture’s biggest problems

Climate change and geopolitical instability are wreaking havoc on agriculture, so we surveyed seven investors to learn what they're looking at.

8 investors weigh in on the state of insurtech in Q3 2022

Seeing significant M&A activity and repricing in the public insurtech cohort left us wondering about their private peers: Are the same trends at play and to what extent?

8 investors discuss what’s ahead for reproductive health startups in a post-Roe world

How is venture tackling women's health challenges after the overturning of Roe? We surveyed eight investors to find out.

3 investors explain why earned wage access startups are set to cash more checks

It always feels good to get paid, so it’s no surprise that a payroll model like earned wage access (EWA), which lets employees withdraw their accrued wages at any time, has exploded in popularity.
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