Investor Surveys

How to pitch me: 7 investors discuss what they’re looking for in September 2023

If you’d like to know what investors are looking for, how they want to be approached and what they’re most likely to ask, keep reading.

8 web3 gaming experts discuss hurdles and opportunities in the road to wider adoption

What will it take to spur more mainstream gamers to pick up and play web3 games? We asked eight web3 gaming experts to find out.

8 Latin American VCs share why they’re brimming with optimism about the region’s startups

We asked Latin American investors where they are placing their bets, when they think Brazil's IPO window might reopen, how to best pitch them, and more.

Here’s why some investors are sitting out of YC Demo Day

TechCrunch+ heard from 15 VCs about why or why not they are tuning in to YC's Demo Day festivities this week.

4 founders give us their take on what’s ahead for construction tech

Founders chatted with us about construction tech trends so we could get a basic idea of where the industry is headed.

How to pitch me: 15 investors talk about what they’re looking for in August 2023

“I suggest reaching out right before Labor Day to set up a meeting in September or wait and start your outreach altogether next month.”

7 founders explain what fusion power needs to go mainstream

If the 2020s are going to be the decade of AI, then the 2030s could be the decade of fusion power. That is, if the sector’s startups are able to deliver.

7 founders and CEOs discuss fusion power’s most pressing challenges

Capital is pouring into the sector at an opportune time, as fusion power startups can now make rapid gains thanks to a convergence of factors.

6 fintech investors sound off on AI, down rounds and what’s ahead

To help TechCrunch+ readers understand what fintech investors are thinking these days, we interviewed six active investors over the last couple of weeks.

7 VCs explain why the creator economy still has legs

To learn more about the state of the creator economy industry and how investors are thinking, we surveyed seven VCs about where the industry is headed.

6 startup founders gaze into a future-of-work crystal ball

As the world returns to “normal,” what does the future of work look like from where we are today? To find out, we spoke with 6 founders in relevant sectors.

5 founders discuss why SAFEs are better for early-stage and bridge rounds

Fundraising is hard, so it’s no wonder that SAFE (simple agreement for future equity) rounds are popular. Conceived by Y Combinator as an alternative to convertible notes, SAFEs have long been consi

Can Europe’s cannabis market avoid the US’ mistakes? Investors chime in

As Europe grapples with cannabis legalization, what can it learn from the US' journey?

8 VCs say they are still bullish on SAFE rounds, but it’s not 2021 anymore

SAFE rounds, or simple agreements for future equity, have been around since Y Combinator invented them a decade ago. But they took on a different role in 2021 when they became a fast-moving tool that

8 VCs explain why there’s good reason to be optimistic about cybersecurity

Despite declining funding levels and higher rate of attacks, cybersecurity investors remain optimistic. Here's why.

15 investors lift the lid on the biggest surprises of H1 2023

Here's what these 15 investors would have done differently in 2023 if they had a crystal ball to divine the future.

15 investors talk about their investment cadence in H1 2023

As expected, it appears a good mix of investors wrote checks at the rate they'd aimed for, while others fell a bit short.

11 VCs reveal how hard it was for their startups to fundraise in H1 2023

TechCrunch+ recently asked VCs how the first half of 2023 bore out for their investments and how their portcos are handling a cash-light environment.

4 VCs illustrate why there’s good reason to be optimistic about the machine learning startup market

TechCrunch+ surveyed four active VCs about their views on the ecosystem for ML startups, an underexplored subfield of AI.

With $10T on the line, 6 fusion investors explain why they’re all in

Fusion power is expensive and risky, but the potential rewards are enormous. Here's why 6 investors believe it could be the future of energy.
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