What Rent the Runway’s IPO filing says about the business of loaner garments

Rent the Runway has a truly epic selection of items, and shopping for designer items at rental prices is good fun. But is it a good business?

Informatica’s IPO will test public markets’ appetite for slower-growing tech offerings

How strong of a cloud business has Informatica managed to build, and how winsome is its economic profile? It has yet to set an IPO price range, but there are reports of a valuation as high as $10 bill

Where and when to spend your recently raised dollars

'It’s easier to raise and harder to spend these days, because there’s such a high demand for talent.'

Startups have more options than ever to lower their reliance on venture capital

The capital market for startups has perhaps never been more attractive than it is today. Not only are venture capitalists raising more capital than ever, but new methods of financing startup activity

What you should know about working with corporate venture investment committees

Brian Walsh demystifies the role of the corporate venture capital investment committee and shines a light on how entrepreneurs can navigate some of the hidden pitfalls.

Warby Parker makes it clear that direct listings are unicorn-friendly

Warby Parker not only listed, but did so at a price point that was above its final private-market valuation, and its shares appreciated rapidly during its first day of trading.

What Amplitude’s direct listing says about IPO pops (and how startups can avoid them)

If you care about the value of private companies and how they are priced, this is for you. If you do not, please read anything else; you are going to be bored out of your socks.

Which form of venture debt should your startup go for?

Given the surplus of liquidity, entrepreneurs have access to more funding options than ever. Venture banks, venture debt funds and venture capitalists are jockeying to prove their money is greener.

5 questions for venture capital in Q3

With the third quarter coming to a close, The Exchange is prepping for a lengthy dive into global venture capital results. To kick that off, today we’re asking a series of questions.

Can direct listings really fix the IPO pricing problem?

Even if you are tired of IPOs, the direct listings from Amplitude and Warby Parker warrant your attention.

Bootstrapping in 2021 goes a long way

The well-worn riff that it’s easier than ever to start a company today could be wed to the concept that it’s perhaps cheaper, too. That should bode well for bootstrapping.

It turns out fintech is worth as much as SaaS

The lesson appears to be that revenue growth matters more than near-term margins for fintech companies, allowing them to secure valuations that far surpass their final private marks.

Indications of a hot market abound as Freshworks, Toast price IPOs

Toast and Freshworks both raised their IPO ranges and priced above the raised interval. If you are looking for an indication that it's a good time to go public, this is it.

Really, this market isn’t good enough?

Klarna's CEO says he's 'nervous' to take the company public. But the public market for BNPL companies actually feels pretty strong at the moment.

Freshworks’ valuation could crest $10B in upcoming IPO

Freshworks now expects to charge between $32 and $34 per share in its debut, up from the $28 to $32 per-share range that it initially disclosed.

Toast raises IPO price range, providing a Monday bump to fintech valuations

Toast will have to post pretty damn strong growth numbers for it to keep its multiple up. But the market appears willing to take that risk.

Which VCs are set to make a killing in GitLab’s IPO

The GitLab debut is set to make a lot of funds material coin.

What could stop the startup boom?

Similar to how certain macroeconomic conditions have provided a long-term boost, a reversal of those conditions could do the opposite.

Forge’s SPAC deal is a bet on unicorn illiquidity

The total addressable market that Forge serves is growing by the day, with more and more unicorns being born and a steady drumbeat of unicorn IPOs doing little to clear the decks.

Atlanta’s sundry startups join in global VC funding boom

With around $3 billion invested in the first half of 2021, already around a 50% gain on 2020’s full-year figures, it’s clear Atlanta is seeing an unprecedented wave of venture investment.
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