Amid record dry powder, VCs are determined to fund anything but you

Many VCs have said they are sitting out this year. They aren't -- they're funding their friends and committing funds to companies that don't exist.

Revenue-based financing: A new playbook for startup fundraising

While venture capital remains the most popular avenue for startups, founders should take advantage of all the financing options available to them.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Syneroid’s $500K seed deck

Syneroid raised a $500,000 round to bring something halfway between microchips and dog collars to market. Its deck leaves a few things to be desired.

Peloton co-founder John Foley is a rug guy now

Peloton co-founder John Foley's newest startup secured $25 million on the claim that the rug market requires innovation. Good luck with that.

What investors really think about the TAM slide in your pitch deck

"If the founder has that deep personal connection and is willing to put what it takes to take it to those next few levels, that's where the TAM starts to look exciting.”

I reviewed 1,000+ pitch decks. These are the most common mistakes

We break down the top 10 most common mistakes in pitch decks, along with a bunch of examples of how these mistakes show up.

For immigrant founders in the UK, office hours with VCs are rocket fuel

The "International Founders Open Office Hours” program aims to help immigrant founders boost their social networks by meeting VCs in the U.K.

The lack of VC funding to women is a Western societal shortfall

The issue of women founders not receiving equitable venture funding is a shortfall of the West: It’s here, everywhere in the U.S., and over there, all throughout Europe.

A prep checklist for startups about to undergo technical due diligence

Here's a detailed checklist C-level executives and managers can use to help VCs determine if your "codebase is safe enough for investment."

Investors are sitting on mountains of cash: Where will it be deployed?

Crossover funds and VCs have been watching from the sidelines — capital deployment is in somewhat of a “wait and see” mode.

Pitch Deck Teardown: The Palau Project’s $125k pre-seed deck

For early-stage companies, you need a big market and a strong team. If you don't have both, don't invest.

8 questions to answer before your startup faces technical due diligence

The themes of codebase health that great investors care about are also strategic decisions that help create code to support a great business.

Farmers are key to Lithos Carbon’s quest to remove gigatons of carbon

Lithos Carbon raised a $6.3 million seed round to bring promising geochemistry techniques out of the lab and into the field.

CVCs maintain stake in one-quarter of deals despite overall venture pullback

While other nontraditional investors have slowed their pace in 2022, CVCs have been in the largest percentage of deals yet.

Bendy batteries could power new categories, and Anthro Energy thinks it’s cracked the code

Anthro Energy aims to bring its bendy batteries to market with help from an oversubscribed $7.2 million seed round.

Carving out conviction around the future of AI with Sarah Guo

Sarah Guo raised $101 million for her new fund to back companies that are building artificial intelligence and what she describes as software 3.0.

Q3 data reminds us that venture debt is not a Hail Mary

Despite many thinking that venture debt would grow amid this year's equity pullback, that has not been the case.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Supliful’s $1M seed deck

Supliful's 22-slide deck ain't perfect, but it's a great example of how a company can use storytelling to make a point.

Earthmover to bring petascale data tools to climate tech with $1.7M pre-seed

Large-scale data analytics has transformed the business world in recent years. Earthmover aims to bring it to climate tech.

Pitch Deck Teardown: Vori’s $10M Series A deck

Vori, a SaaS solution for independent grocers and small grocery chains, shared the pitch deck it used to raise a $10 million Series A.
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