• Recasting Silicon Valley’s role in society Crunch Network

    Recasting Silicon Valley’s role in society

    At Bloomberg’s recent technology confab in San Francisco, Marc Andreessen offered a vision for entrepreneurship, defining it as the ability to see how the world potentially could be, then inventing what is needed to change it. Herein lies the dilemma for Silicon Valley: The same questions that spur its entrepreneurs to remake the world are often the same questions that lead it into conflict. Read More

  • Pop culture stimulates the evolution of the LA tech scene Crunch Network

    Pop culture stimulates the evolution of the LA tech scene

    It wasn’t so long ago that venture capital was a suburban California phenomenon. Los Angeles didn’t have much in terms of a real tech scene — and even San Francisco only had a few VCs or tech companies. Now, VC offices have sprung up in San Francisco, moving more of the investment energy up there. That great migration of companies and activity touches upon what is now… Read More

  • Let’s meet in Chicago for a mini-meetup

    Let’s meet in Chicago for a mini-meetup

    I’ll be in Chicago this week and I’d love to meet some startups. I’m thinking about holding a micro-mini-meetup on Tuesday, July 26 at a location to be determined. Here’s what I need from you all: Email or tweet me with recommendations where we can meet. I like to just hang out in bars but I could do a co-working space. I know there are a few in town but I’ve… Read More

  • Building as a modular gadget Crunch Network

    Building as a modular gadget

    Researchers and companies have been exploring new ways to improve buildings through analytics software, prefabrication, connected devices, new materials and construction automation. It’s striking that most of these efforts are trying to patch problems within the legacy framework of “permanent” construction. Could it be that the one thing that is taken for granted is the… Read More

  • The assimilation of robots into the workforce as peers, not replacements Crunch Network

    The assimilation of robots into the workforce as peers, not replacements

    One might ask why we would ever want to create robots that can do human work when we have so many people who need jobs. The goal of robotics should not be to replace humans with robots, but rather to improve productivity and safety, removing humans from harm’s way and enabling them to focus on things that humans should be doing. Read More

  • Crunch Report | WikiLeaks Publishes DNC Emails

    WikiLeaks publishes a ton of democratic national committee emails, a bunch of employees leave reddit, Pokemon Go is live now in Japan, Verizon is close to buying Yahoo assets, Gravity4 CEO Gurbaksh Chahal has violated probation. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Bad UX kills Crunch Network

    Bad UX kills

    It clogs systems, causes accidents, wastes energy and makes people unhappy. It’s more than a bad experience on a website — in cities, bad user experience (UX) design can actually kill. We’re talking about signage, public spaces, civic and emergency communications and other forms of urban design that influence our daily routines and, in some cases, are there expressly for… Read More

  • Running at 150,000 RPM, this tiny motor could help satellites keep on course

    Running at 150,000 RPM, this tiny motor could help satellites keep on course

    The future is small in space: picture Cubesats the size of toasters and Femtosats an inch across crowding the skies. A newly invented motor that’s both tiny and powerful goes hand in hand with that vision, providing compact spacecraft with the ability to adjust their position without using a drop of fuel. Read More

  • Dots & Co. Tweaks The Dots Game Franchise

    Dots & Co. tweaks the Dots games by adding a friendly companion

    Dots & Co., the follow-up to the popular puzzle games Dots and Two Dots, launched on iOS and Android earlier this week. If reading about the new game isn’t enough for you, you can watch me try it out in the video above. In many ways, Dots & Co. should feel pretty familiar to fans of the previous games. Your goal is to clear as many dots as you can by connecting dots of the… Read More

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