• zzzPhone goes Android for real this time

    zzzPhone, makers of the zzzPhone, have announced that their latest version now supports Android, making it what appears to the second Android phone in existence. The company has two of them in China right now and is taking orders for their $119 base model. You can add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, pico-projectors, television tuners, and a Hell’s Angel and his lady. Read More

  • zzzPhone gets Aaandroid!

    If you’ll recall, zzzPhone is offering “customized cellphones” straight from China with touchscreens and dual facing cameras. In short, these are bargain basement phones with some capacity for upgrade – the base model has been circulating in Asia and Africa for a few years now – and it was running some sort of mad Linux hybrid when we last left off. Now, however… Read More

  • The zzzPhone is real, on its way soon

    I just got back from checking out the zzzPhone and I can say without a doubt that it’s real. It’s definitely not a scam, but the first generation ran into some problems with the manufacturer and they don’t work stateside. I’m told the newest generation is on its way very soon. Maybe within a month. The OS is still uncertain… Read More

  • Is this the zzzPhone?

    I just got out of a meeting with EcoCarrier.com, of whom I’ll post in the next few days. One thing that struck me immediately, however, is that these guys had a working 3-SIM cellphone with touchscreen and keypad called the Eco123 which looks surprisingly like a rebadged zzzPhone. While I wish neither of… Read More

  • zzzPhone real but not running WinMo

    I did a piece for the NYT on the zzzPhone, an a la carte manufacturer that lets you pick and choose your functionality online and then makes your cellphone to order. I talked to the folks for the story and discovered that the phone doesn’t run Win Mo or Windows CE but a “windows-compatible” operating system that some are calling Symbian… Read More

  • Build-to-order zzzPhone is, well, something

    [photopress:btophone.jpg,full,right]Now this is an interesting concept we can’t believe we haven’t seen before. Well, we have a little bit, but not like this. USA’s zzzPhone lets you customize your next mobile phone like you might customize a computer: you choose a base model, then add the screen, camera, and other features as you see fit. The dual-SIM, GSM handsets can… Read More