• On the boats and on the planes, it's the ZVUE Spirit

    America: Apple pie, baseball, democracy, and digital audio players. Launching on May 26 (but available for pre-order now), the $35.99 ZVUE Spirit is an MP3 player preloaded with 15 of the most patriotic songs ever. How patriotic, you may ask? So patriotic that James Brown and Lynyrd Skynyrd made the list TWICE. The Spirit has 1GB of memory on-board so you can load it up with other songs too. Read More

  • ZVUE 250 Now Available

    Earlier this month I reported on a low-end DAP called the ZVUE 250 that’d be on shelves at Wal-Marts (like how my dad says it). Well today it’s available at Amazon and in select Wal-Mart stores across the U.S. It features a 2.5-inch display that supports video up to 30fps. The player comes features an SD slot and comes with one 128MB card. It’ll play MP3, WMV, WMA (with… Read More

  • ZVUE MP3 Players Come Loaded

    HandHeld Entertainment announced today that its ZVUE MP3 player would be available tomorrow on shelves at selected Wal-Mart and InMotion stores. The player is the size of a flash drive and has 512MB storgage. It can play both MP3 and WAV and can achieve about eight hours of of play on a single AAA battery. While the player isn’t particularly notable by itself, it achieves some relevance… Read More