• What's Happening in Europe? Check Out Happenr.

    If you are looking for something to do in Europe, check out Happenr, an events search engine that covers Germany, Ireland, Belgium, and the top 100 cities across the Continent. The site just launched after a year in development. It scours thousands of European tourism, town, and cultural sites to keep its events database up to date, and is available in English, German, and Dutch (events… Read More

  • IMThere Joins MadeIt As The Most Recent Attempts To Crack The Event Nut

    Any event based site is basically a social network – they are designed to allow interaction among friends to coordinate virtual or real world activities. The venerable Evite is still the king of online event coordination. None of the recent startups (renkoo, socializr, mypunchbowl and the deadpooled Skobee) have presented much of a challenge. And none of the event aggregators/search… Read More

  • Zvents Closes $7m Round for Events Search

    Local events management and calendar vendor Zvents is announcing today the closure of a Series A funding round totaling $7 million. The round was led by VantagePoint Venture Partners and included Red Rock and NetService Ventures. Zvents combines a strong product with an API, a very strong team and an impressive customer list. They are establishing themselves as leaders in a particular niche… Read More

  • The Companies of Web 2.0, Part 2

    Here’s the second set of companies that presented at the Web 2.0 conference Launchpad workshop. See Part 1 here. Zvents My friend Ethan Stock showed off Zvents, which launched last night. We’ve written about zvents here and here. In a nutshell, Zvents helps you create and locate the tens of thousands of monthly local events and has tons of awesome ajax, tagging and other… Read More

  • zvents Launches Today

    Company: zvents
    Launched: Today
    Previous Profile: September 26, 2005
    Location: Menlo Park, CA The zvents team took the wrapper off their social event manager/calendar today. The timing of the announcement couldn’t be better, as Upcoming.org (a competitor) announced its acquisition by Yahoo yesterday. Ethan Stock posted about the launch on the zvents blog. Key features include best of… Read More

  • Zvents Launches Next Week

    Company: zvents
    Launched: next week
    Location: Menlo Park, CA I had a chance to see a demo of the upcoming Zvents service this evening at the NetService Ventures Group office on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park. Mark this one down as an ajax showcase. Zvents is a complete events ecosystem, with search, event creation, calendaring, sharing and blogging/webmaster tools (lots of ajax here) for… Read More