• Zudeo's Legal P2P Hit 1m Uniques in January

    The new “all legal” P2P service from Azeurus called Zudeo announced this morning that they saw more than 1 million unique visitors last month in the service’s first full month online. The announcement provides great evidence that P2P is a viable avenue for legal distribution of online video. We covered the company’s content deal with the BBC in December and the… Read More

  • First Big Partner for Zudeo: BBC

    Zudeo, the new “100% legal” content sharing site launched by popular BitTorrent company Azureus two weeks ago, just nailed a distribution deal with the BBC. That just took them from a theoretically cool product to a player in the online video space. Under the agreement, BBC will license a number of television shows to U.S. users, including Red Dwarf, Strange and Invasion Earth… Read More

  • Azureus Launches Zudeo For Finding And Sharing Video

    Azureus will launch Zudeo Monday morning, a content indexing site for finding and sharing large video files. The company told TechCrunch on Friday that they would be partnering with 20 major TV and film studios to provide free programs, although they won’t name the partners just yet. Azureus is known for their peer-to-peer applications and Zudeo will build off of that, allowing users… Read More