• Facebook's Friends Data Has Already Left the Barn

    How much are your friends worth? That is the question behind the big debate going on around social networks and data portability. In the last ten days, Facebook, Google, and MySpace have all announced ways to let people access their data (including friends lists) from other sites, except that what they are really trying to do is erect new walled gardens by positioning themselves as the… Read More

  • Fifth Generation Systems Takes $5.3 Million Series B

    Fifth Generation Systems, the company behind social homepage creator Zude has taken $5.3 million Series B in a round that includes Irwin Lieber and Barry Rubenstein of Wheatley Partners, Persistency Capital, and Gund Investment. Zude offers a “social webpage network” that allows users to create their own personalized webpage from modules that hold personal content or clips grabbed… Read More

  • Zude: Mix and Rip Your Personal Page

    Zude is a new social webpage network. I say “social webpage network” because Zude isn’t so much about making friends and commenting on on profiles as it is about creating your own personalized webpage. You create a personalized webpage from modules that hold your own content or clips grabbed from the web (even embed whole webpages). Each module can be placed anywhere on… Read More