• ZooLoo Gets A Facelift With Revamped Homepage, Navigation, And Widgets

    Back in July we took a look at ZooLoo, a service that looks to help users build their own websites (complete with vanity URLs) where they can manage their entire social network experience from one place — when it launched we described as an iGoogle meets Facebook, in that it’s a single hub that lets you interact with your Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts. Since then the… Read More

  • ZooLoo Is A Social Network That Basically Never Wants You To Leave

    Since you see it every time you open your web browser, a good start page is key. Google has a pretty good option with iGoogle, which is highly customizable. But as social networking continues to rise in popularity, an increasing number of people just have something like Facebook as their main page. ZooLoo is kind of like iGoogle meets Facebook. When you set up your ZooLoo account, you are given… Read More