• Zonbu Notebook review

    So you’re ready to try Linux but you don’t have a DVD burner or the ability to download large files. What’s a body to do? Well, you can try the Zonbu notebook, a fairly inexpensive Everex laptop with 1.5GHz VIA C7-M and 512MB and 60GB of hard drive space and running Zonbu OS, a Gentoo Linux variant with a full set of open source productivity and gaming apps. Read More

  • Zonbu Notebook: Linux power for a wee $279 + $14.95 a month

    Zonbu and Everex have teamed up to offer the Zonbu Notebook, a green laptop with a low-power CPU and a Linux OS. The laptop starts at $279, but that requires a $14.95 monthly service charge for using Zonbu’s web storage and service plan. The “free” edition costs $479. We talked about the original Zonbu PC a few months ago and were impressed, if a little skeptical about… Read More

  • Zonbu PC Review

    The nifty little Zonbu is definitely a new and interesting concept in the world of computing. The $99 hunk of plastic is a non-upgradeable PC built around Gentoo Linux that runs on a 1.2-GHz Via main board with a skimpy 512 MB of RAM, integrated graphics and a 4 GB flash card (included). The Zonbu is the “greenest” desktop computer yet, and has met the highest “gold”… Read More

  • Zonbu Green PC Debuts Today: Cheap Not Cheap

    The Zonbu PC makes its debut today and even though, once again, John hated on the idea, I like it. To a point. The Mac mini-sized PC ditches several conventions in order to bring its variable price down to as low as $99. It eschews a hard drive and instead comes with a 4GB flash drive. “Real” storage is all handled by Zonbu’s remote servers. You can buy anywhere from 25GB… Read More

  • Zonbu Networked Linux PC: Hack-in-box?

    A company called Zonbu is offering a paperback-thin desktop PC for $99 that runs Gentoo Linux on 4GB of internal flash. Where are all your files stored? On Zonbu’s $12.95 a month servers, that’s where. Made by some of the same folks who built the Vudu, I’m 100% certain this will become a nicely subsidized hacker’s toy in the first two months its available. Once the… Read More