• Google Reveals 2008 Plans For Google Apps

    Google is usually fairly tight lipped about future product releases. But they were surprisingly revealing about upcoming plans for Google Apps at an event in Ann Arbor earlier this week. Blogger Andrew Miller took some great notes from a presentation by Googler Scott Johnston, the VP of Product Development at wiki startup Jotspot prior to their acquisition by Google a little over a year… Read More

  • While Live Documents Yaps, Zoho Delivers

    While some startups issue boastful press releases promising the world, India and Silicon Valley based Zoho is actually doing the software thing. This morning they launched full offline access for Zoho writer, based on the Google Gears open source platform. In August the company launched partial offline functionality that let users read documents. Documents can now be edited offline as well… Read More

  • Live Documents To Break Microsoft…We'll See

    New product press releases unencumbered by the complexities of releasing actual software set off alarm bells. And when those press releases are so boastful as to suggest that the (unlaunched) product can hurt a competitor’s $20 billion revenue stream, the alarm bells get much louder. So with alarm bells screaming, Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia announces he’s going to war… Read More

  • Rondee Launches "Evite" For Conference Calls

    Conference calls can be a pain, and getting charged by the minute doesn’t help. But these days, there’s really no reason to pay for them. There’s FreeConfereceCall.com, FreeConference.com, Lypp, and a bunch of other small startups giving away the service. But while there’s no difference in the cost, Rondee’s Evite-like web interface makes it the simplest… Read More

  • Blist Prepares Easy Web-Based Database Application

    I recently had the opportunity to see a demo of a product coming out in early 2008 called Blist (pronounced like “bliss” with a “t” at the end) that will take on DabbleDB and Trackvia by giving users the tools to easily create and manage databases online. Blist’s initial target demographic will be Excel users who need more functionality and are trying to make… Read More

  • It's a Database. It's a Spreadsheet. It's Zoho DB.

    Zoho is adding another weapon to its arsenal today – Zoho DB – raising its total number of online office applications to 13 (not including four additional “utilities”, or lightweight apps). Zoho DB is meant to provide developers and database administrators with better ways to manage and digest their data. In a way, it’s like Microsoft Office Access but online… Read More

  • Adobe Raises The Stakes For Web Documents With Buzzword and Share

    The list of companies offering free, Web-based word processors just got longer. Today, Adobe is entering the Webtop game (watch out, Microsoft Office) with its announcement that it will purchase Boston-based startup Virtual Ubiquity, the company behind Buzzword. Terms were not disclosed, but Adobe had previously invested in the startup through its $100 million venture fund. Adobe’s… Read More

  • Salesforce Enters Custom Application Market With Force.com

    Salesforce will enter the custom software market next week with the launch of Force (site will go live Monday morning), a new platform that will allow developers to create database driven applications and deploy them as services. So if Salesforce doesn’t offer what you are looking for, and no one has built it for you on Salesforce’s AppExchange, you can simply build it yourself… Read More

  • Zoho's Business Suite Taking on Google Apps

    Zoho has been a busy company. Over the past two years they’ve launched 12 applications along with 4 utilities, nearly all with APIs. Last October Zoho tied these programs together for individuals with a single sign-on feature. Today they’re releasing a similar bundling for businesses that takes on Google’s own business productivity suite. The new release is called Zoho… Read More

  • Zoho Goes Offline (in a good way)

    Online office suite Zoho will launch offline functionality for Zoho Writer this morning, and other applications in their suite will follow shortly. The offline functionality was built on Google Gears, an open source project launched by Google in May 2007. Users will need to install a browser plugin to take advantage of the functionality. After that, an option will appear in the navigation bar… Read More

  • Email Attachments Are So Uncool

    Online office suite Zoho released another product tonight, called Zoho Viewer. It is similar to Scribd (and the upcoming Docstoc) – upload an office or PDF document for easy viewing on Zoho’s website or embedded into other web pages. Zoho Viewer is different than Scribd, though. With Scribd, documents are public by default (there is a private option). Zoho isn’t looking to… Read More

  • Zoho Launches Facebook Application

    Online office suite provider Zoho has launched a Zoho Facebook application. Zoho for Facebook allows users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations from within Facebook. Support includes the ability to view and edit all existing documents, spreadsheets and presentations (both personal and shared) from Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show. Whilst Zoho on Facebook will expose Zoho to a… Read More

  • Zoho Boat Party In Boston – 40 Invitations

    For any Zoho fans living in Boston: the company is hosting a yacht party on June 18 at 6:30 pm. There will be food, drinks, music and (I assume) Zoho announcements to be made. This is invite only, but they’ve given us the last forty spots to give away to TechCrunch readers. The event is free. More details here. Please only register if you intend to go. The signup page is here. Use… Read More

  • And Now, Something A Little More Frivolous From Zoho

    ToonDoo launched this morning, a new site that lets users easily create comic strips with pre-built or uploaded images and text. This is an Indian company, and has the same parent company, AdventNet, as Zoho (one of our current sponsors), a fairly serious online office application startup (see our coverage here). The creation tool is a Flash applicaton that includes a number of options for… Read More

  • A Great WebEx Alternative: Zoho Meeting

    Zoho just launched a private beta for Zoho Meeting, their new online meeting application that will overlap with the important features of WebEx (recently acquired by Cisco) – desktop sharing. They’ll be bleeding new users in – sign up on the home page to request access, or watch the embedded video at the end of this post to see a demo. Zoho Meeting lets each member view… Read More

  • Exclusive: Zoho Notebook Sneak Peek

    Zoho continues to rock along, releasing new products every few weeks (see Zoho Wiki for example) that have turned their Ajax office suite into the best on the web, bar none. See here for all of our previous Zoho coverage. Today they’ll release their newest product – Zoho Notebook – into private alpha for selected users. After a feedback and testing period they’ll… Read More

  • Zoho, Omnidrive Partner For Office Document Storage

    Online office suite Zoho and online storage company Omnidrive (see disclosure below) are announcing a partnership today that extends the functionality of both companies. The integration leverages Zoho’s newly updated API. The partnership is allowing users to store all of their Zoho office documents within Omnidrive, giving them a centralized online file storage area. Also, clicking on… Read More

  • Zoho Gets All Wiki

    Online office suite Zoho continues to quietly, and quickly, release new products and features on a regular basis. Last month they launched a Microsoft Office plugin that lets users save files directly to their Zoho accounts. Today they add a Wiki product to the mix. The product itself contains all the bells and whistles of competing standalone, hosted Wikis (good comparison chart here). Read More

  • The Real Office Live: Zoho Bridges Online And Offline Office Apps

    Zoho, the online Office suite company, will launch a Microsoft Office plugin today that will allow users to save documents directly to their Zoho account from Microsoft Office and Excel. The company is also announcing open APIs and a partnership with Desktopize to create virtual folders that allow users to save files to their Zoho account directly from their desktop. Raju Vegesna, who… Read More

  • Zoho Virtual Office Launching Tomorrow; Racing Google to Market

    Online productivity company Zoho is finally bringing all its various services together into one offering with the release of the Zoho Virtual Office at tomorrow’s Office 2.0 conference. Virtual Office, or ZohoX, will integrate most of the 10+ Zoho services already available and add several more like Webmail and calendaring. The whole thing will be unveiled on Wednesday but there’s… Read More