2016 Africa roundup: drone delivery, VC, unicorns, exits and Zuck

Twenty-sixteen was a pivotal year for African tech. The continent’s IT scene attracted major investment, produced its first $1 billion startup, launched a national drone delivery program, and drew o

Zipline raises $25 million to deliver medical supplies by drone

Zipline International Inc. has raised $25 million in a Series B funding round to expand its humanitarian delivery drone business in Rwanda, the U.S. and beyond. The startup builds drones and runs deli

A test flight with Zipline, makers of humanitarian delivery drones

A maker of delivery drones called Zipline began nationwide delivery of blood and other critical medical supplies in Rwanda today, through a partnership with the Rwandan government. The program strikes

Are drones actually a sector or just another layer in the enterprise SaaS stack?

The past few years have been exciting for drones; they've gained the attention of consumers, enterprises and governments. Their ability to shoot photography and capture data, and potentially violate p

Backed by White House, Zipline to test U.S. medical drone delivery

On the heels of a recent White House initiative announced after its first “Workshop on Drones and The Future of Aviation,” San Francisco based robotics startup Zipline will test drone delivery of

Strike the right balance on drone policy

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) -- more commonly referred to as drones -- are on the cusp of a major commercial trial that has the power to save thousands of lives. This pilot [program isn’t taking

Africa Roundup: UPS Enters Drone Space, Uber Tests Cash, Facebook Offers Free Internet in Nigeria

More big U.S. corporate names are entering Africa’s tech space and testing new models there. UPS took its first steps in the African drone delivery space teaming up with San Francisco startup Zip

Africa is becoming a testbed for commercial drone services

UPS recently entered into a partnership with Zipline, a medical drone delivery startup, to begin aerial transport of healthcare supplies in Rwanda.

PopTip Launches Zipline, An Analytics Tool For Finding Common Phrases In Twitter Conversations

Social polling company <a target="_blank" href="">PopTip</a> has a new product for marketers, journalists, and others who want to know what people are really saying on Twitter abo