• WinZip Moves To The Cloud With Launch Of ZipShare, A Way To Zip, Manage & Share All Your Online Files

    WinZip Moves To The Cloud With Launch Of ZipShare, A Way To Zip, Manage & Share All Your Online Files

    WinZip, makers of the file compression utility first launched in the early 90’s that still sees north of 30 million downloads per year, is today making a shift to the cloud. The company is launching ZipShare, a file zipping, management, encryption, and sharing service that works with the major online file hosting platforms. Currently, ZipShare lets users zip and share files both from… Read More

  • Hands-On With The Fitbit Zip

    Hands-On With The Fitbit Zip

    Fitbit just announced two new devices, the $99 One, a replacement for the Ultra pedometer, and the Zip, a $60 entry-level model that adds a bit of mirth to the Fitbit family. The One won’t be available until October but I carried Zip around for a week or so already and found it to be quite fun and capable. The Zip is a departure from the original “clothespin” style Ultra in… Read More

  • DIY Zip Drive hard drive enclosure and other random uses for the outdated gadget Ike has you rained in for the weekend and you already folded enough Netflix envelopes? Grab that IOMEGA Zip Drive at the bottom of your parts box and throw some new life into it. The video above will guide you through the steps needed to turn the unused device into a hard-drive enclosure, project case, bank, and even… Read More

  • DIY not for you? Call Zip

    So you’ve got your fancy HDTV, surround system, and high-end speakers, but you have no idea how it all fits together. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a friend like me to help you out. Sadly, there’s just not enough of me to go around. Zip Installation is a service that doesn’t just know where your HDMI goes, but makes it look good. They run the wires, mount the… Read More

  • Iomega's Zip Drive is back with a vengeance

    Everyone remembers the Iomega Zip Drive – we all had one, it’s okay to say it. I’d lost track of the company for a while, but they’re striking back with a new version of the device, which probably will get mixed reactions. It’s called the Rev and it’s essentially a HDD split in half – the head and mechanisms are in the reader, and in each… Read More