• ZINK Raises $35 Million, Aims To Popularize Ink-Free Printing

    ZINK Raises $35 Million, Aims To Popularize Ink-Free Printing

    ZINK (short for ‘zero ink’) this morning announced that it has scored $35 million in Series B funding in a round led by Genii Capital. The company also announced the hiring of former board members Mary Jeffries (as chairman and co-CEO) and Ira Parker (as president and co-CEO). Jeffries was once the CEO of Polaroid, where Parker also served as VP and General Counsel before moving on… Read More

  • Polaroid’s Z340 Isn’t Quite The Gaga-Inspired Beauty We Saw At CES

    Polaroid’s Z340 Isn’t Quite The Gaga-Inspired Beauty We Saw At CES

    Back at CES, we spent a long time waiting for Lady Gaga to show up (again) and introduce her new product line, a collaboration with Polaroid called Grey Label. The camera sunglasses and Bluetooth printer didn’t exactly blow our socks off, but the GL30 camera prototype sure did. It was beautiful. Of course, no matter how much I bugged Polaroid, I never got word one about availability or… Read More

  • Zink 2.0 inkless printers beginning to trickle out

    Zink stands for “zero ink.” It’s the name of a company that has created a new way of printing that uses, yes, zero ink. It’s all in the paper, hoss. Read More

  • The Dell Zink PZ310 stops by the FCC

    This rather nondescript printer was found on FCC’s website is actually a sweet Dell mobile photo printer. The PZ310 features a ink-free printing curiosity of Zink technology that pumps out photos either by USB or Bluetooth. It seems that this new Dell device is really a re-branded Polaroid PoGo mobile printer and will probably carry a similar $149 MSRP when launched. If you need… Read More

  • Zink's Integrated Digital Camera, Printer Coming Soon?

    Zink’s camera and printer convergence device is inching its way closer to launch, at least we think it is. It remains to be seen whether or not this will be worth the wait and cost, but a few more details have emerged and it’s raising our brows. How good will the 7-megapixel sensor be and does anyone really want 2-x3-inch prints? The 2-inch display and rechargeable battery… Read More

  • Zink Pocket Printer Holds Promise

    Zink is using a new kind of printing technology utilizing crystalized-ink embedded in paper. The result is a heat-activated printing solution that will create quick, great looking photos. Zink’s first product is a small pocket printer that is about the size of a deck of cards and is priced to sell for less than $100. The printer will easily connect to a mobile phone or a computer to… Read More