Rentoid Wants To Be The Place For Renting Anything

Rentoid offers an eBay style variety of items, but with one distinct difference: the items are only available for rent. The Melbourne, Australia based startup launched in beta last year and has slowly

Europe Is Searching For Its Silicon Valley

Over the past few days at the Next Web conference in Amsterdam, I had the opportunity to hang out with about 700 Internet entrepreneurs from all over Europe. The startup scene in Europe reminds me of

Don't feel like buying a MBA then rent one instead

I promise this is the last MBA post for today. We’ve gone back and forth here at CG about whether or not the latest Apple notebook is worth all the hype and I think the camp is divided down the

Zilok Allows You To Rent Anything from Anyone

The idea is not brand new, and the name sounds like a french guy learning how to say something in English, but the execution is good enough to catch the attention and maybe even take some bet on the f