Microsoft launches Premonition, its hardware and software platform for detecting biological threats

At its Ignite conference, Microsoft today announced that Premonition, a robotics and sensor platform for monitoring and sampling disease carriers like mosquitos and a cloud-based software stack for an

Google’s life sciences unit is releasing 20 million bacteria-infected mosquitoes in Fresno

Verily, the life science's arm of Google's parent company Alphabet, has hatched a plan to release about 20 million lab-made, bacteria-infected mosquitoes upon Fresno, California -- and that's a good t

Unpacking the innards of Theranos’s new Zika-detection box

Theranos has had a long 10 months. The company, beset with regulation issues, has faced a Congressional inquiry, possible criminal charges, lawsuits, a recall of test results from the past two years,

High schooler’s 3D printed ‘mini-brain’ bioreactor accelerates Zika research

What are you planning on doing this summer? Probably not designing a revolutionary new bioreactor in which a thousand "mini-brains" can undergo testing. You're probably not designing a bioreactor at a

Google adds Zika info to search and partners with UNICEF to map outbreak

The Zika virus continues to spread across South America and beyond, but unlike with other pandemics, identifying and mapping the outbreak has proven hard. Google today announced that it is now working