• How Zerofootprint Uses Data To Make Schools Greener

    How Zerofootprint Uses Data To Make Schools Greener

    The word “green” is tossed around a lot as a catchall term to describe sustainable or environmentally friendly projects, businesses, energy, and more. Green construction and architecture, for one, are proliferating across the world, but when it comes to gauging how “green” a building is, for example, one finds that there are more than a few standards by which to… Read More

  • It's Earth Day, So Make Sure To Try Out Some Green Vanity Apps

    Earth Day is in full swing. Have you offset your carbon emissions yet? Well, there are plenty of apps and Websites out there ready to help you do just that and more. Green is the new black. Speaking of which, if you want to be green, you’d better avoid black cars and Websites with all-black backgrounds (like goth sites and sometimes even Google). But don’t avoid us. We… Read More

  • Waste Management Launches a Social Network

    Frankly this should just be an application on Facebook and MySpace, it would get better traction. But that’s not what the consultants told Waste Management (a $20 billion company that, well, manages waste), I’m guessing, since today they’ve launched Greenopolis, a social network for greenies. They’re committed, they say, to connecting people and businesses on green… Read More

  • A Startup That Fights Global Warming

    I met with Canadian startup Zerofootprint during my trip to Toronto last week for the Mesh Conference. The company, which is a non-profit, was started and funded by Ron Dembo, formerly the founder of Algorithmics Incorporated. Their chief goal, says the company, is to raise awareness among individuals and groups that everything we consume has some impact on the environment. The company is… Read More