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Zero Punctuation On Duke Nukem Forever

<img src="" />You probably know what to expect out of this one. Since the critics have been almost uniform in their judgement of this stor

Zero Punctuation: Mortal Kombat Get over here! (and watch other NSFW Zero Punctuation episodes)

Zero Punctuation: Pokémon Is For Lunatics

<img src="" />I can't say I'm all that surprised at Yahtzee's take on the Pokémon franchise. Of course, it's not his kind of game, but

Yahtzee Doesn't Like Dragon Age II

<img src="" />Maybe it's just the indie snob in me, but I have to say that <em>Dragon Age: Origins</em> and <em>Mass Effect</em> (oh, and <e

Zero Punctuation On Two Worlds II

<img src="" />I like the "Western RPG" market - it's almost a version of the games it creates. Each game has its own unique take on the open

Yahtzee Versus MindJack

<img src="" />I've only seen bad reviews of this MindJack game, and <a href="

Zero Punctuation On Dead Space 2

<img src="" /><em>Dead Space 2</em> has been getting pretty decent reviews, though the troubles inherent to a large scary-type franchise a

Zero Punctuation Reviews Minecraft

<img src="" />It was just a week or so ago that I wrote <a href="

Zero Punctuation Takes On Fable III

<img src="" />Like Yahtzee, about halfway through this, I began expecting a pleasant surprise. But like Yahtzee, I was disappointed by

Zero Punctuation: Splatterhouse The review as NSFW as Splatterhouse. But you’re still going to watch it, aren’t you? Yeah, I know.

Zero Punctuation Force Chokes Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

<img src="" />Oh, <em>Star Wars</em>. Potentially so much fun, yet continually wasted in weird ways. <em>The Force Unleashed II</em> is

Zero Punctuation on the new Prince of Persia

<img src="" />You probably know that Yahtzee has a serious love affair with the original <em>Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time</em>. It's

Zero Punctuation on Nier – no, I hadn't heard of it either

<img src="" />It's not often that a Square-Enix game comes out that nobody's heard of. Even their painfully self-indulgent PSP strategy gam

Zero Punctuation: Splinter Cell: Conviction Sit back, turn down your speakers to hide the NSFW language and enjoy the latest Zero Punctuation.

Zero Punctuation on Just Cause 2

<img src="" />I didn't play the first <em>Just Cause</em>, and I'm waiting until I build a new rig to hit this one up, but Yahtzee cle

Zero Punctuation: God of War III Summery: Kratos muders a lot of people. That’s it. (but it’s still entertaining to watch)

Zero Punctuation: Final Fantasy XIII This should be good. Really NSFW like every other Zero Punctuation.

Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 “Dust!”

Yahtzee takes on Heavy Rain

<img src="" />The latest entry in the games-as-art argument, <em>Heavy Rain</em> is the spiritual secret to the controversial <em>Indigo P

Zero Punctuation: BioShock 2 NSFW just like every other Zero Punctuation.
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