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  • Zero Punctuation On Duke Nukem Forever

    You probably know what to expect out of this one. Since the critics have been almost uniform in their judgement of this storied and unfortunate title, and Yahtzee’s take was likely to be even one step further. Actually, he has some sympathy for the game, and while it’s not a good game, its failures are comprehensible in a way some modern games errors aren’t. I’m glad it… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: Mortal Kombat Get over here! (and watch other NSFW Zero Punctuation episodes) Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: Pokémon Is For Lunatics

    I can’t say I’m all that surprised at Yahtzee’s take on the Pokémon franchise. Of course, it’s not his kind of game, but still. Read More

  • Yahtzee Doesn't Like Dragon Age II

    Maybe it’s just the indie snob in me, but I have to say that Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect (oh, and Fallout 3/NV) are some of the most overrated games of all time. So I wasn’t really expecting much from Dragon Age II except a new style and perhaps faster combat. You know, for the kids. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation On Two Worlds II

    I like the “Western RPG” market – it’s almost a version of the games it creates. Each game has its own unique take on the open world idea, a special way of going about combat that may not agree with every player, and usually a few glaring flaws that some can forgive and some can’t. So choosing a western RPG to like is a bit like playing one — a very… Read More

  • Yahtzee Versus MindJack

    I’ve only seen bad reviews of this MindJack game, and Zero Punctuation’s take on it is even more savage than usual. It blows my mind that two or three guys can get together and put out something amazing like Braid or World of Goo, yet a couple dozen people manage to take far more money and time and barf out something like this. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation On Dead Space 2

    Dead Space 2 has been getting pretty decent reviews, though the troubles inherent to a large scary-type franchise are of course in effect. Yahtzee, as usual, takes on the reasons not to play the game, and I tend to agree with him re: scariness. Actually, I tend to hide under my covers when things get scary, but in principle I agree. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation Reviews Minecraft

    It was just a week or so ago that I wrote our own “review” (more a primer) for Minecraft. I hadn’t really even thought that Yahtzee would review it, much less take to it like he has, considering he’s generally concerned more with putting a shiv between the ribs of the major publishers than highlighting indie games. At any rate, he loves it, and describes the general… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation Takes On Fable III

    Like Yahtzee, about halfway through this, I began expecting a pleasant surprise. But like Yahtzee, I was disappointed by the arbitrary and repetitive gameplay aspects. Ah well. Back to playing Minecraft. Video inside. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: Splatterhouse The review as NSFW as Splatterhouse. But you’re still going to watch it, aren’t you? Yeah, I know. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation Force Chokes Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

    Oh, Star Wars. Potentially so much fun, yet continually wasted in weird ways. The Force Unleashed II is the latest incarnation of the ancient franchise, and while I suspect it actually is pretty fun in some ways, Yahtzee tears it apart with his claws just like… well, all the other games he reviews. What’s wrong with this one? You name it! Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on the new Prince of Persia

    You probably know that Yahtzee has a serious love affair with the original Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. It’s kind of creepy, really. So it’s no surprise that he enjoys the new one, which emulates the original more closely than any of the other sequels. There’s still a lot to find fault with, however. Not sure how combat couldn’t be fixed after this long, though. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Nier – no, I hadn't heard of it either

    It’s not often that a Square-Enix game comes out that nobody’s heard of. Even their painfully self-indulgent PSP strategy game featuring Final Fantasy celebrities got a monster ad campaign and extremely expensive cinematics. Nier, on the other hand, has escaped my attentions despite daily checks of the usual games sites. Have at it, Yahtzee. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: Splinter Cell: Conviction
    Sit back, turn down your speakers to hide the NSFW language and enjoy the latest Zero Punctuation. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Just Cause 2

    I didn’t play the first Just Cause, and I’m waiting until I build a new rig to hit this one up, but Yahtzee clearly is in the “I’m holding back because this game was pretty damn fun” mode. I want him to do 3D Dot Game Heroes, because that game also looks fun as hell. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: God of War III Summery: Kratos muders a lot of people. That’s it. (but it’s still entertaining to watch) Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: Final Fantasy XIII This should be good. Really NSFW like every other Zero Punctuation. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 “Dust!” Read More

  • Yahtzee takes on Heavy Rain

    The latest entry in the games-as-art argument, Heavy Rain is the spiritual secret to the controversial Indigo Prophecy, one of the rare “interactive storytelling” type games that has made a dent on the market since Phantasmagoria. Personally, I think I would enjoy the game, but since I don’t have a PS3, that’s not going to happen any time soon. Yahtzee is of two minds… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation: BioShock 2
    NSFW just like every other Zero Punctuation. Read More

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